Pocket Globe by Carl Bauer (10.5 cm)

A German terrestrial pocket globe by Carl Bauer, circa 1830, measuring 10.5 cm diameter, preserved in its rare and fragile original paper box. Both the box and the globe are in perfect condition.

Johann Bernard Bauer (1752-1839) and his sons Carl Johann Sigmund Bauer (1780-1857) and Peter Bauer (1783-1847) were scientific instrument makers, globe makers and engravers in Nuremberg. Between them, the Bauer family produced a variety of globes, including miniatures for the educational market. Carl Bauer is known for packaging these miniature globes in a box with inserted folding engravings of the peoples of the world as a set called The Earth and its Inhabitants.

Marked as MPS (Marke Polar Sterne) within a circular cartouche in the Southern Ocean. This is a terrestrial globe made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores, the equatorial graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac, the continents delicately shaded and strongly outlined in green, showing nation states in dotted outline, rivers, mountains, deserts and some cities, with two iron axis pins, contained in a circular card box.
4-1/2 in. (11.4 cm.) diameter of box.


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Pocket Globe by Carl Bauer (10.5 cm)



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