Rolling Ball Clock

This fine example of a Rolling Ball Clock has been constructed by Joseph and Ida Platt of Cannon Craft, Brailsford, Derby in England following the 1805 patent of William Congreave. Not more than 50 of these clocks have been built and each bears its own individual number. This clock, number CC10 is one of a series of ten on which work was started during 1977.

Where normal clocks run based on springs, batteries of even changes in the atmosphere, this unique clock runs on a rolling ball, that runs back and forth each 30 seconds. This perticular example has an eight duration. After that you simply give the ball another small push and it will start running again.

This clock in motion trully is a work of art. Go to our instagram for a movie of this rolling ball clock. ‘Bodnet’ is showcasing a similar clock beautifully on youtube.


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Rolling Ball Clock



Height: 48,5 cm
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 40 cm